Group Therapy Cape Town


An effective way in which to work toward inner emotional healing is through group therapy. It is a safe, low risk environment where the presence of others seeking the same goal, offers both support and an experience of being respected and accepted by others.

Group therapy simulates real life experiences of relationships in a structured way where emotions can be processed and healing can occur. The therapy group becomes the safe space in which we can dismantle our defenses and begin to access and heal the wounded emotions that we carry.

I would sometimes recommend that a client participate in group therapy over individual therapy for a number of reasons:

  • The group therapy is better suited to the client’s needs
  • The client does not only benefit from the intervention of the therapist
  • There is the opportunity to see how others handle similar problems
  • It provides an opportunity to learn to express your feelings, both negative and positive emotions
  • Address and overcome compulsive patterns of behaviour
  • Can alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Help to create and maintain meaningful relationships in one’s life
  • Learn to be more trustful of others
  • The client receives feedback from other group members and gains insight in how they are experienced in relationships
  • It improves social skills
  • The client can try out new behaviours and ways of relating
  • It is less expensive