Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from the counseling service?

You can expect a courteous and efficient reception within a space, which offers a warm ambience. You will be required to complete an intake form after which the Psychologist will invite you to her office where a confidential counseling session will be conducted.

How can I be sure of confidentiality?

The Psychologist is ethically bound to keep all information private and strictly confidential. Information may only be divulged under the following conditions:

  • When you provide written consent
  • When the life or safety of yourself or someone else is threatened due to your mental status or your stated or implied intent
  • When disclosure of information is required by a court of law

How can it be right to be in need of help?

Many of our problems arise just because we are human. Needing help is a normal part of life. You do not have to impose upon yourself the burden of succeeding or coping entirely on your own.

What if I feel ashamed of my problems?

Psychologists understand that it is natural to want to feel that we can solve our own problems. Most of us feel ashamed when we have problems and don’t want to advertise our difficulties. We naturally feel vulnerable and this is the reason why the service is confidential.

Is psychotherapy/counseling like Psychiatry?

Both deal with emotional and mental problems. Psychiatrists, however, are medical doctors who work largely with the diagnosis of illness and then prescribe medication. Psychologists are trained to recognize symptoms of severe mental or emotional distress and may suggest that you consider medical help if this is appropriate.

Does counseling help?

It is highly effective, but the effectiveness depends on the effort you put into it, and you being open and genuine about your situation.

Does seeing a Psychologist mean that I am ill?

No, it means that you are experiencing problems of daily living. Where there are some symptoms of a psychosomatic illness such as anxiety, depression, headaches, etc. counseling can be helpful.